The benefits of using WordPress as a blogging tool

From simple websites, to blogs, to complex portals and enterprise websites – WordPress powers more than 24% of the web, but why is it such a good blogging tool?  WordPress Features highlight some of the main features which make WordPress so simple and easy to use, whilst the main benefits of using WordPress as a blogging tool are described below.

  • Layout Customisation
    WordPress enables you to change the theme, colour scheme and graphics to relate your blog to your topic, and extend your site with site with plugins such as galleries, calendars and social media widgets to provide the most for your reader.
Examples of available WordPress themes. Source: WordPress Themes
  • Media Management
    Easily upload images and videos to your site with the option to add text and captions as well as edit the images, making your blog more visual. 
  • Promotion
    Tools are available to promote your WordPress blog to a wider audience. Some available plugins allow you to tailor your blog so it is easy for readers to find when they are using search engines to find information. This software also makes it easier to promote your site.
  • Comments
    Comment tools allow followers to engage with the content of your blog and provide feedback, creating a forum for discussion.
  • Publishing
    WordPress provides scheduling options within its blogging software, enabling you to change the date of publishing to either a previous or future date. This benefits those who need to write their blog post ahead of time and schedule it to be published at a later date, enabling you to keep a regular up-to-date blog.

In addition to all these benefits listed above – WordPress is free! Making WordPress a viable site to use for new bloggers and those who aren’t looking to make a profit from their content.

Source: Blog Consulting



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