How blogging helps with student reflection

What is blogging? Blogging is using online platforms to update a personal journal which expresses thoughts on any topic of choice. Blogs are usually updated on a regular basis, but as much or as little can be shared as and when it is needed.

So why does blogging help with student reflection? Reflection is defined as serious thought or consideration of a topic or experience; a blog allows a student to express their initial thoughts on a topic as they learn.

Because so much can be written on a blog, it allows the student to think specifically about what they have learnt – they want their reader to also understand their thoughts so have to make the blog as clear and as easily processable as possible. In a way, the student has to critically analyse what they have learnt in order to pick out the most important detail, making it easier for them self and others to learn from. When the student needs the information again in the future, they have their own words to look back on which may help them remember what they learnt more easily than using for example, a lecturers notes or textbook.

As 2 million blogs are written each day, the chances are there are other blogs written on the same topic as the student’s. This allows the student to read other people’s opinions on the topic and understand the issue from another point of view, which may even discuss a point which the student hasn’t considered, allowing a broader thought process. Furthermore, being able to comment on blogs provides another thought process; readers may give the student feedback on their blog, providing a platform for deeper discussion.

All of these points mean that the student is able to reflect upon a topic, through filtering their own thoughts and reading about the opinions and knowledge of others.

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